Coming Updates to Archive – Including long lost Radiohead Remix.

A mixed bag here, from remixing local bands to the long lost retake on Radiohead (which I can remember playing at a night in Manchester years ago and it going down real well.).

Also is a track I broke out of the earliest Atomic Jam Liveset that I never released.

Radiohead Re-edit (cant remember the track name) – Mazzula

Downloadable for now on Soundcloud

What Would the Captain Do? – (not sure of track title) Mazzula Remix

There Will Be Repercussions (from AJ set 09)

The Dead – Flesh Eating Foundation (Mazzula Remix)

The Colour (Mazzula & Vix) – Love Anxiety

Speed Garage (originally released on BassGun Records)

Old Skool Remix (I pulled this together for a liveset. Original on Bassgun)

Mazzula @ Ghetto Blaster – Dj Set

Affluenza Live Set (read the book?)

I’ve also added a Remix Kit for ‘Trance Bitch’

MAZZULA – TRAANCE BITCH KIT.rar     (right click save as)

Any problems then contact me.

More to follow