Stoke is not short on producing talent.  Please make an effort to check their web presence.

We now have an group called Stoke Electronic Music Producers on Facebook (CLICK)

You need to be from Stoke or surrounds to join.  If you have a bio you would like adding to this page then contact electro (at)


Amazing Jungle.  In the little bits of conversation that I’ve managed to have with this guy over the years I understand him as a true proponent of underground culture.  It’s all about the wax for Dub-Liner, as true to the ethic as its possible to be and a person I massively respect.

This guy is an amazing producer and asset to our scene.  I suspect he’d rather had been listed as a DJ as his sets are the nuts.  There aren’t many that can claim to have played at the festivals and nights he has.


Kev Willis

I don’t know a more prolific producer than Kev.  He produces proper techno and has released on a myriad of labels all over the world.  When I say techno, this guy would probably admit he’s a purist.  As well as this, he’s an awesome DJ and one sticking to his roots. this being purely with wax.

His production skills get many plaudits and if you dig about on his soundcloud, you’ll find that this has translated into performances on many a well respected podcast..

Tekkaz/Techno Andy/Prozac Planet

If you are new to the Stoke scene then you may not of heard of Andy.  He’s been about forever.

Playing live in the city at places like Monkey years ago and recent forays outside of Stoke demonstrate this guys ongoing consistency.  Check and support.



Lovely ambient music here from someone I’ve never met.  Looking at the facebook there has been numerous releases and thank god for that.

There is also a Bandcamp –