MPBS – Mazzula Live NYE 2020/1

It’s hard to be motivated musically at this point, however the noise continues. Thanks to all that have given me a reason to work in 2020. Here’s an angry Liveset to roll into 2021. Liveset – (24bit) Tracklisting (click to support) Enya Tekkatazzula 1 K Willis and S Bratt – Empty City (Mazzula Remix) Harsh […]

Lockdown Update – May 2020

I suppose I’m one of the lucky ones sitting in my kitchen with screens everywhere working from home.  After leaving a really shitty work environment in a fit of frustration and spending 3 months workless, I was really lucky to drop on a job that started, just as everyone else was being furloughed and the […]

LOAD 25th August – Who is Selström?

LOAD is back – but . . who? SELSTROM (live) MAZZULA (hybrid) TEKKAZ (live) DJACKER (pounding techno) RASKAIN (live) CIRCITIFIED (Home built at Circuit Bent Hardware – live) DIGITAL BUDDHIST / b3 (live) The Basement – Sat 25th August – 10-4 So, after a brief hiatus after our 10th Birthday LOAD returns to the Basement […]

June 2018 – Mazzula’s Public Broadcasting System

It’s cathartic therapy this.  If you don’t want to read my whining then skip to the mix. If you know anything about me, have listened to podcasts such as the Bassagenda one, you’ll know that I suffer a bit with my mood.  Today I realised that it seems to happen at certain times of the […]

Mazzula – LOAD Live Set

This was a homecoming for me . . . Here is a set that I played at LOAD in Stoke on 14th April 2018.  Fully live, with vocals. LOAD is the perfect arena to push boundaries and do something different.  This episode of LOAD was just that, not just for me, but for everyone that […]

Djacker – Re-LOAD podcast

Djacker has been resident at LOAD for a Decade We’ve always said he’s the best techno Dj in Stoke and this mix, in advance of his performance at LOAD on Sat the 14th April goes a long way to evidence this. Heavily influenced by early house pioneers and techno monoliths such as Ben Sims, Djacker […]

2018 – Electro Lives.

As electro has become more popular and by some measure. Recent mutterings on social media reflect an unease amongst some long standing artists.  The reaction has been interesting.  I take a deeper look. More airtime for the genre on mainstream platforms such as Helena Hauff’s Radio 1 Essential Mix of the Year 2017, is indicative […]

MPBS March 17 – From Trump Towers

It has emerged that Mazzula has been recording his occasional podcast from the elevator in Trump Towers. It has been reported that, as GCHQ was monitoring outgoing media from the home of neo fascism, this audio was recovered.  It appears to evidence very upfront electro being played to staff, including Trump’s personal secretary. Mazzula said “I […]