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Full Lizard

Slamming electronica if I may say so myself.


I thought this track caught the current mood.  Heavy Electro


A Tick Box Exercise

I enjoyed pulling this together.  Various vibes.

The title track is something that I used to play at 145 bpm and was hammered by myself at Atomic Jam.  Now in a new slower guise I don’t think it loses too much dynamic now thrown into a straight 4/4 techno jacker.



This is a one off.  I was pleased to see it picked up and played by a variety of folk, including  Dave Clarke’s White Noise.  This certainly does BANG!


Blue Bag EP

Again, lots of support for this . . . never say “techno doesn’t do politics”

“I love this track because it has an air of nostalgia – Of Detroit. Even as a pretty problem-free male of the age 25 in the UK i feel a struggle when I listen. It provokes feeling. Any track that can do that is a decent track to me.

The other tracks are just as brilliant, I just don’t have enough word count.Favorite track: Poverty Pain Gates Disorder.”


Orbited EP

Harking back to the heady days of listening to Orbital.  Love em or hate em, you cannot deny their influence.

“Following up” has some sounds and effects which go directly in my memory and my brain… but all the EP is brilliant !


Blues’s a Shining

A full length LP and first attempt at it.



Carl Craig Always Did

On a split EP with the Advent