Mazzula Declares himself an Internet Genius

Reports are emerging that Mazzula, a little known artist from a town up north thinks he is an internet genius. Mazzula, caught between cigarettes and Kronenburg stated that “it may be that I am an internet genius and have figured out how to use wordpress”. However, at this time, Mazzula did express some doubts, “Whats […]

MPBS Shocker

Two people are confused as latest MPBS receives few comments but many likes. Mazzula stated “I had a quick look over the last few days at work and was pleased to see people seemed to like it but was baffled as to the lack of comments posted.  I thought it was hard as f***”. Others […]

Breaking News

New EP gets Digital Distortions approval. “Mazzula back in business with a solid 3 tracker with enough bass to punch out Mike Tyson.” I wonder if I mastered it wrong . . . click to listen.