Two Lone Swordsmen or Sabres of Paradise together, both hugely influential in different guises alone.  I can’t separate them in my mind, from seeing Tenniswood at Bloc, to Weatherall playing a techno set at Atomic Jam, you cant get away from the Swordsmen.  It’s a far cry from Weatheralls recent ‘A Love From Outerspace’ project.

The route from the chaos of these pair pretty much drives my interest in things . . . out there.


For me, Radioactiveman is probably my biggest electro influencer.  Raw as it gets, I just love his productions.  You don’t get tracks drowning in post fx, ever.  Always raw, and sometimes in a funny way . . . you know he’s on it.  In an era of fake dj’s, this guy is the epitome of real London electronica.


Two Lone Swordsmen

No matter how much I love Radioactiveman as a project, the seeds for it seem to have been set years before through the Two Lone Swordsmen.  Tiny Reminders is a classic LP that

Sabres of Paradise

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