Mazzula gets grandiose judging local music n shit.

It is emerging that a little known producer from Stoke-on-Trent believes he is able to pass judgment on other artists.

On exiting a session on Garage Band, the so self announced ‘producer’ Mazzula stated that;

“this producing lark is difficult man, I have three channels on the go here attempting to balance out a snare and kick making booty bass.  It doesn’t sound right, I even tried something called compression but it doesn’t appear to make any difference.”

“I’ve been looking at other artists and tried to learn from their example.  At least then, if I don’t like it I can criticise someone else rather than ask for help. Or at least I can share their work to see what other people think”

In one persons imagination “who do you think you are?” was a clear statement of doubt.

Apparently, these inspirational artists can be found in the new page on this website on a new page called Stoke Community.




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