2018 – Electro Lives.

As electro has become more popular and by some measure. Recent mutterings on social media reflect an unease amongst some long standing artists.  The reaction has been interesting.  I take a deeper look.

More airtime for the genre on mainstream platforms such as Helena Hauff’s Radio 1 Essential Mix of the Year 2017, is indicative of this popularity.  This hyperlink to YourEDM.com is evidence of the impact of this airtime in itself and demonstrates the current reach of electro and new potential audience for the sound.

Of course, this hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Larger, more well known artists and labels are moving into the electro scene to capitalise.  This will inevitably lead to further popularisation of the genre.  More electro played out and featuring via other media channels will feed the fire and breed more opportunities.  It does indeed seem to be a golden age for electro, so why on social media are some artists and labels not happy?

I don’t think its an exaggeration to say that for a long time electro has been on life support.  Those of us who have been involved in the scene for a while, in the doldrums, have done so without a tangible flow of money to do it.  It has been near impossible in the marketplace to become a professional artist.  As I sit here now, I can think of a handful, internationally, who purely make their living as an electro artist.  I think what is going on demonstrates an anxiety in this group of dedicated people that fear being overlooked and missed by the new army of electro fans.  They do deserve some recognition.

Also, because it’s been regarded as so difficult to access for years, electro has been forced properly underground, boosting it’s credibility (rightly or wrongly).  To suddenly have house dj’s playing electro could be understood to be a bit horrifying.  I think this explains the scrutiny given to this mixmag article, unfairly in my view.

If you’ve listened to my interview on BassAgenda you’ll know that I’m motivated to make music; what happens with it and how successful it is/isn’t doesn’t feature in my thinking.  I believe that everyone should stick to doing what they do so based upon that, I’m never going to approve of the bandwaggoning going on.  Equally, I think those who have stuck with supporting electro for years should now be making as much noise as they can.  The focus shouldn’t be on any worry that the scene is being ‘stolen‘ but on taking the opportunity to make sure real electro is heard.

2018 has the potential to be an incredible year for Electro.  I can’t wait to be be as much a part of it as I can.

Fill me with hate here.

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