Counting up – 2016 Review

Here’s how Mazzula tracks and EP’s racked up via Bandcamp in 2016.  There was music elsewhere, such as the release on Electrix which I don’t have figures for.

I think its worth going public with this for all kinds of reasons, if not so that music fans can see what really happens and other artists can see how they reckon up in comparison.

There were 78 downloads in total which gives an idea of how difficult the marketplace is. Plus obviously some just don’t like the Mazzula sound.  This is a difficult thing to get a measure on, for example, MPBS episodes came in between 3 and 500 listens as a rough measure via Soundcloud and Mixcloud.

The chart looks like I would expect it to.  Trajectory is brand new, the top ones align with support given on media streams (Whitenoise etc) so this can’t be underestimated.

There were some amazing comments on tracks, especially on Blue Bag . .

Auris Meyer Hard to describe this EP… voiceless, which is pretty unusual for me. Perhaps cause words are useless, feeling those tracks is much more important. Brilliant.”
Daniel Harrison I love this track because it has an air of nostalgia – Of Detroit. Even as a pretty problem-free male of the age 25 in the UK i feel a struggle when I listen. It provokes feeling. Any track that can do that is a decent track to me.

The other tracks are just as brilliant, I just don’t have enough word count. Favorite track: Poverty Pain Gates Disorder”.

Thanks to all that supported!

Download chart went like this (in order of downloads on Bandcamp).

1 – Blue Bag EP

2 – Malaise

3 – Bang

4 – A Tick Box Exercise

5 – Weather Wash

6 – Roads Leading

7 – Blues a Shining

8 – Bang (earlier version)

9 – Tuba EP

10 – Trajectory

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