Dave Clarke’s Best of Electro 2016

Looking back at 2016 it feels like a long year and in it there was a fair amount of production completed.

For any musician it’s great to get some recognition for the effort put in.  Anyone that knows me will know that I’m an advocate of DIY when it comes to music production with the use of mediums such as Bandcamp.  Not working with labels makes things difficult in some ways, but its more satisfying when you get results like this. Even more so when you are in the mix with heroes like those in the tracklist below.

Many thanks for everyone who has supported in the last 12 months.

Dave Clarkes Best of Electro 2016 (Whitenoise)

Replaced Humans – Demia E.Clash
Out There – Mazzula
Arden – Annie Hall
Pathogen – Versalife
Decoy – Kronos Device
Compute Her – DJ Bone
Hyperloop – Carl Finlow
05 Access – Consciousness Q-Chip
Dayzov V1.1 – Dez Williams & Carl Finlow
Mind Virus – Terrortron
Lord Slovak Deadwood – Zeta Reticula
Orbiter – Lectromagnetique
DAYZOV V1.1.1 – Dez Williams
Soul Brotha 1 – Detroits Filthiest
Malaise – Mazzula
Liver Noise (DJ3000 Remix) – T Linder
The Growler – MMT-8
Polygamist – Go Nuclear
L’Illusion du Hasard – Franck Kartell

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