Mazzula – LOAD Live Set


This was a homecoming for me . . .

Here is a set that I played at LOAD in Stoke on 14th April 2018.  Fully live, with vocals.

LOAD is the perfect arena to push boundaries and do something different.  This episode of LOAD was just that, not just for me, but for everyone that played and found it to be a special space that they can creatively breath in.  Its safe to say it went pretty well.

I love Stoke and its people, having being a lifelong resident.  I don’t like having to travel for miles for a decent night out and the people that turned up for LOAD created a buzz that you would otherwise need a train ticket for.  It reconfirmed my faith in the city.  Lets do this.  On to the next . . .  and in the meantime . . .



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