Feb Update

I’ve been a bit quiet of late.  Plenty of irons in plenty of fires though. I though you might like to hear one of the recent studio efforts.  I’ll update you further once I decide what to do with new output.

Tribes & Nationalism

Nationalism is understandably alluring. As humans, our natural instinct is to be tribal. We are a social animal. As a social animal we instinctively seek out what holds us together as a tribe. Imagine this situation. You live in a tribe where crops are good, but not quite as they were. Some people are not […]

MPBS Jan 2017

Welcome to this edition of MPBS. These are difficult times, so this edition brings the smiles. Featuring what could be called melodic techno, as a guilty pleasure this MPBS throws purism out of the window, as nationalism should be. It’s also a heavy nod to techno from the USA, and hopeful techno too, deliberately so […]

The Spirit of 2016 – Download

Not so much the tracks of 2016, because there are so many, but the spirit of it. Horror, being ignorant etc etc. I don’t have to say much more apart from one more, Hope! I think that comes through. Hit me up for track listings as ever. Much love . . . Paul.  

Counting up – 2016 Review

Here’s how Mazzula tracks and EP’s racked up via Bandcamp in 2016.  There was music elsewhere, such as the release on Electrix which I don’t have figures for. I think its worth going public with this for all kinds of reasons, if not so that music fans can see what really happens and other artists […]