Counting up – 2016 Review

Here’s how Mazzula tracks and EP’s racked up via Bandcamp in 2016.  There was music elsewhere, such as the release on Electrix which I don’t have figures for. I think its worth going public with this for all kinds of reasons, if not so that music fans can see what really happens and other artists […]

Dave Clarke’s Best of Electro 2016

Looking back at 2016 it feels like a long year and in it there was a fair amount of production completed. For any musician it’s great to get some recognition for the effort put in.  Anyone that knows me will know that I’m an advocate of DIY when it comes to music production with the […]

2017 Liveset Preview Video

Basically, this is a pile of stems stitched together with a TR8 and live vocals via a kaos pad. For the geeks, Still to be applied to this are, FX (none currently) Sort out some sort of vox doubler A proper mix down (sounds a bit all over the shop) I thought it would be […]

HELENA HAUFF – New hero (ine)

Newly added to hero’s is Helena Hauff. It’s not often that a Dj catches my attention nowadays.  Helena did. Dave Clarke featured her on his White Noise show earlier this year.  That was some set.  If anything distracts from an early morning commute on the west coast mainline to Brum then its worthy of a follow […]

Notice – Live Rig for 2017

It’s been 5 years since I had a real live set up. There are many reasons why this hasn’t happened for so long, primarily personal, in that all of the breeding I have been doing has meant that priorities have been elsewhere, especially at weekends. Also, stupidly, for one reason or another this has meant […]