2018 – Electro Lives.

As electro has become more popular and by some measure. Recent mutterings on social media reflect an unease amongst some long standing artists.  The reaction has been interesting.  I take a deeper look. More airtime for the genre on mainstream platforms such as Helena Hauff’s Radio 1 Essential Mix of the Year 2017, is indicative […]

MPBS March 17 – From Trump Towers

It has emerged that Mazzula has been recording his occasional podcast from the elevator in Trump Towers. It has been reported that, as GCHQ was monitoring outgoing media from the home of neo fascism, this audio was recovered.  It appears to evidence very upfront electro being played to staff, including Trump’s personal secretary. Mazzula said “I […]

Feb Update

I’ve been a bit quiet of late.  Plenty of irons in plenty of fires though. I though you might like to hear one of the recent studio efforts.  I’ll update you further once I decide what to do with new output.

Tribes & Nationalism

Nationalism is understandably alluring. As humans, our natural instinct is to be tribal. We are a social animal. As a social animal we instinctively seek out what holds us together as a tribe. Imagine this situation. You live in a tribe where crops are good, but not quite as they were. Some people are not […]

MPBS Jan 2017

Welcome to this edition of MPBS. These are difficult times, so this edition brings the smiles. Featuring what could be called melodic techno, as a guilty pleasure this MPBS throws purism out of the window, as nationalism should be. It’s also a heavy nod to techno from the USA, and hopeful techno too, deliberately so […]

The Spirit of 2016 – Download

Not so much the tracks of 2016, because there are so many, but the spirit of it. Horror, being ignorant etc etc. I don’t have to say much more apart from one more, Hope! I think that comes through. Hit me up for track listings as ever. Much love . . . Paul.