HELENA HAUFF – New hero (ine)

Newly added to hero’s is Helena Hauff. It’s not often that a Dj catches my attention nowadays.  Helena did. Dave Clarke featured her on his White Noise show earlier this year.  That was some set.  If anything distracts from an early morning commute on the west coast mainline to Brum then its worthy of a follow […]

Notice – Live Rig for 2017

It’s been 5 years since I had a real live set up. There are many reasons why this hasn’t happened for so long, primarily personal, in that all of the breeding I have been doing has meant that priorities have been elsewhere, especially at weekends. Also, stupidly, for one reason or another this has meant […]

Remix Packs

These are now available from the menu above. These aint no nothing tracks but ones that mean a lot to me. Sleeping Dragon was recently released on Electrix.  Trance Bitch has an essence of infamy about it. I can’t promise that a good effort will bring any rewards but I will certainly post the better […]

New Mazzula LP gets off to shaky start

Crisis has hit at a household in Stoke-on-Trent as an occupant discovers he doesn’t have enough cables that would enable the world changing music that was planned. At the scene, Mazzula commented that; “I was sure that I’d stolen as many cables doing gigs as I’d left about when too hammered to pack up properly. […]